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deer_2014_hi-res-download_2It’s not like we haven’t had a few genius guests on Fucking While Feminists before. But we’ve never had a certified MacArthur Genius. Until now.

The brilliant Sarah Deer was recognized with a MacArthur grant in the most recent 2014 class, and for good reason: her work leveraging her deep understanding of tribal and federal law to empower tribal nations to protect Native American women from sexual and domestic violence is literally changing the world. She joins Jaclyn to talk about how colonial misogyny against Native women became one of the pillars on which our country is built, what we can learn from pre-colonial tribal justice practices about 21st century adjudication of sexual violence, and what happens after you get that call from MacArthur. Then we help out a listener who uses “bad” words, but only in her head.

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