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The American Psychological Association’s Task Force Report on Sexualization of Girls became the most downloaded document in the history of the APA’s website, because it exposed a simple truth: The media’s sexualization of girls is hurting both children and adults. We’ll review that revealing data, explore the difference between content that’s sexual and content that’s sexualizing, learn what girls are already doing to fight back against this damaging and pervasive trend, and build on best practices for replacing dangerous media images with healthy representations of both girls and sexuality. You’ll leave with concrete tools to counter the dominant narrative, a comprehensive resource guide, an action plan you can implement in your own work, and a community of girls and adults to back you up. Together we’ll challenge the belief that “it’s just the way things are,” and demonstrate what the alternatives can be.

I’m honored to be moderating this session, featuring Jean Kilbourne, Diane Levin, and Diana Martinez, at the Nation Conference for Media Reform. Waterfront 2.

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