Jaclyn FriedmanJaclyn Friedman

by JaclynF

I’m presenting in Berlin at re:publica: the conference for blogs, social media and the digital society.

How Feminist Digital Activism Is Like the Clitoris

With recent actions like the Twitter campaigns #mooreandme and #prataomdet (“Let’s talk about it”), it’s the visible, concentrated tip of feminist organizing online that gets all the attention. But those flashy actions are supported by a complex system that extends deep below the surface, in which social media is enabling us not just to organize for short term goals, but to build relationships and a robust long-term movement.

We’ll explore the anatomy of this movement, learn about the most effective ways to stimulate it (some of them may surprise you!), and together uncover new ways that digital media can help us all achieve the deeper, longer-lasting activist satisfaction we yearn for.

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