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A couple of years ago, the fab Amanda Hess interviewed me for her much-missed Washington City Paper blog, The Sexist. The result was called Fucking While Feminist, a post which sparked all kinds of conversation about how messy it is to live our feminist values in our actual sex lives. Such was the impact of this interview that earlier this summer, when I was in DC at a feminist happy hour, it was all anyone wanted to talk with me about. They wanted advice about negotiating with their partners, they wanted help helping out friends in bad spots.

Those messy, brainstorming, let’s-get-real conversations were the inspiration for my new podcast. It’s called (what else?) Fucking While Feminist – and the first episode features none other than Amanda Hess, now a blogger at Slate, a co-founder and editor of Tomorrow Magazine, and a free agent. (She’s also working on a book about young people and sex.)

Here’s the plan: every week, I’ll bring on one smart and provocative guest to talk sex. We’ll talk about their work, whatever it is, as it relates to sex. We’ll talk about the current sexuality-related news of the week. And then myself and whoever the guest is for the week will take one sex advice question, trying to help someone put their sexual values into practice, and revealing a bit about our own struggles to do the same.

You can listen to Episode 1 of Fucking While Feminist right here. (We’re working to get it into the iTunes store and onto Stitcher, as well.) Apologies for the sound issues — still working out some of the tech. In it, Amanda and I discuss why there’s no Paul Ryan porn (yet), why trend pieces about whether or not the “hook-up culture” is good for women should just stop, and the sexual politics of the Republican National Convention. Then we hash out a listener’s question about asking for oral. Hope you like it — and if you do, please share it!

And if you’ve got suggestions for guests or topics for future shows, or want to ask an advice question, send’ em on! Fwf at jaclynfriedman dot com.

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