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Durham Castle Lecture Series: Jaclyn Friendman

30th April 2014, 19:45, Great Hall, Durham Castle,

Beyond Consent: Sexual Liberation, Sexual Violence and Human Rights

Media manipulation, religious propaganda, laws, government institutions and more all conspire to control and define our sexuality, often leaving us alienated from our own desires and boundaries.These external limits can leave us living in confusion, denial, and fear, making us easily manipulated by those who want to sell us products as well as those who want to do physical violence to us. Dominant models of sexuality often alienate us from each other as well, encouraging us to police each other rather than work together for productive, mutually beneficial change. Friedman will propose multiple ways to reverse the effects of sexualization and sexual violence by resisting and transforming popular and limiting sexual paradigms, from the simple (but difficult) radical act of reclaiming one’s authentic sexuality, to the movement to locate sexual freedom among our universal human rights.

All of the lectures in the series are free and open to all.

Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Doors will open from 7.45pm.
Lectures will begin at 8pm, with questions for the speaker at 9pm.

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