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IT’S A SEX PANIC!: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 71

Did you hear? Young people are doing sex things with their newfangled technology. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!!!! Jaclyn is joined by Tina Horn, writer, educator and host of Why Are People Into That?! to talk about the latest youth sexting “scandal” to hit the bigtime, the very real perils of moral panic, and the name of [...]

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All-Options Means All Options: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 70

What would it look like if Crisis Pregnancy Centers actually gave families all the support and information they need to make their own decisions? And what does that have to do with Bible Bucks, diaper packs and a breast milk bank? Shelly Dodson, head of the brand-new All-Options Pregnancy Center is here to fill us [...]

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The Sex Myth: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 69

Jaclyn talks with Rachel Hills about The Sex Myth detailed in her new book – the pervasive belief that everyone is doing it more and better than you. We get into the pitfalls of rebellion, the impermanence of sexual identity, and what it would look like if we could create our own sexual vision instead [...]

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This Podcast Is Asking For It: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 68

The brilliant Kate Harding turns her incisive snark on rape culture in her new book Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture — and What We Can Do About It, and she joins Jaclyn for a surprisingly hilarious chat about it, including false rape allegations, early consent education, the recent outbreak of high-profile [...]

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Let’s Talk About (Gay) Sex: Yes Means Yes Episode 67

Now that marriage rights are settled, what should the LGBT movement(s) be focusing on? Jaclyn put that question to Janson Wu, Executive Director of GLAD, the legal nonprofit that brought the Obergefell case all the way to the Supremes. Find out what Wu thinks of the marriage promotion rhetoric in the landmark ruling, how and [...]

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Reproaction: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 66

What would happen if we stopped playing defense on abortion rights and started playing hardball instead? Jaclyn’s guests Pamela Merritt & Erin Matson are determined to find out, which is why they’ve launched Reproaction, a new direct action group formed to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. Tune in for a sneak preview of [...]

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Should Buying Sex Be A Crime?: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 65

Right now, Amnesty International is voting on whether it supports the decriminalization of sex work. That proposed shift in policy has a lot of people cheering, and others confused and upset. Jaclyn talks with Pye Jakobsson, founder of the Rose Alliance in Sweden and President of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, about the brouhaha, [...]

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The Indiana Jones of Sex Education: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 64

United Nations trainer and MTV host Francisco Ramirez travels the globe making the world safer for sexual pleasure, then (once he explains the numerous dildos in his bag to customs) dispenses free sex advice in NYC’s parks and streets.
Jaclyn talks with him about making the impossible possible, misinterpreting the hanky code, how he became the hero [...]

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The Sisters Are Alright: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 63

Why can’t black women find men to marry them is just one of the garbage questions Tamara Winfrey Harris wants to put an end to in her new book, The Sister Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America. She joins Jaclyn to talk about the violent roots of Jezebel and Sapphire, [...]

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Can Rape Fantasies Be Feminist? The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 62

Jaclyn is joined by Tristan Taormino to answer this one once and for all. After that, we talk about why the question itself can be anti-feminist, what fantasies are for, why there is so much silence around them, and what happens when you ask a panel of porn producers, performers and scholars what they watch [...]

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A Deliciously Disabled Sex Party (Episode 61)

When I saw the headline “Toronto to host massive orgy for disabled people,” I knew I had to get the actual story. Luckily, Andrew Morrison-Gurza and Stella Palikarova consented to tell me all about the #DeliciouslyDisabled sex party they’re planning, plus dirty puns, penis art, pity sex, courtesy stigma, and how they’re changing the conversation about [...]

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