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The Indiana Jones of Sex Education: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 64

United Nations trainer and MTV host Francisco Ramirez travels the globe making the world safer for sexual pleasure, then (once he explains the numerous dildos in his bag to customs) dispenses free sex advice in NYC’s parks and streets.
Jaclyn talks with him about making the impossible possible, misinterpreting the hanky code, how he became the hero [...]

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The Sisters Are Alright: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 63

Why can’t black women find men to marry them is just one of the garbage questions Tamara Winfrey Harris wants to put an end to in her new book, The Sister Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America. She joins Jaclyn to talk about the violent roots of Jezebel and Sapphire, [...]

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Can Rape Fantasies Be Feminist? The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 62

Jaclyn is joined by Tristan Taormino to answer this one once and for all. After that, we talk about why the question itself can be anti-feminist, what fantasies are for, why there is so much silence around them, and what happens when you ask a panel of porn producers, performers and scholars what they watch [...]

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A Deliciously Disabled Sex Party (Episode 61)

When I saw the headline “Toronto to host massive orgy for disabled people,” I knew I had to get the actual story. Luckily, Andrew Morrison-Gurza and Stella Palikarova consented to tell me all about the #DeliciouslyDisabled sex party they’re planning, plus dirty puns, penis art, pity sex, courtesy stigma, and how they’re changing the conversation about [...]

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Women of Color Sexual Health Network: Yes Means Yes Episode 60

Why did a group of women of color who’d never met before feel the need to form a new organization on top of their already-busy lives and careers? Two of the leaders of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, Mariotta Gary-Smith and Aida Manduley, are on hand to explain. We talk community, white supremacy, [...]

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Period Sex: The Yes Means Yes Show Episode 59

What is it about period sex? Jaclyn gets into it up to her elbows with legendary psychotherapist, author, and sexuality educator JoAnn Loulan. Tune in for pink towels (and pink bathwater), squishiness, finger painting, Oxiclean, patriarchy, deal breakers, and straight-up science on why period sex can be the best sex or the worst. Then we help [...]

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You Can’t Say THAT On The Internet: Yes Means Yes Episode 58

NEW NAME, SAME GREAT TASTE! FWF is now The Yes Means Yes Show, the better to get ourselves listed in and promoted by iTunes. Which got us to thinking: why are so many companies such buttinskies about sex-related expression online and off, and what are the consequences of the shushing?
Host Jaclyn Friedman talks with Matie [...]

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What Are Abortion Stories For? Fucking While Feminist Episode 57

Recently, actress Jemima Kirke posted a video in support of the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Draw the Line campaign, in which she talked about having an abortion. Kirke’s frank story inspired an article in the Daily Beast arguing that we shouldn’t focus on people telling their abortion stories, because it doesn’t change policy.
The ensuing brouhaha [...]

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Genius, Tragedy & Resilience: Fucking While Feminist Episode 56

It’s not like we haven’t had a few genius guests on Fucking While Feminists before. But we’ve never had a certified MacArthur Genius. Until now.
The brilliant Sarah Deer was recognized with a MacArthur grant in the most recent 2014 class, and for good reason: her work leveraging her deep understanding of tribal and federal law [...]

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What Does A Woman Feel Like?: Fucking While Feminist Episode 55

Like, what do words mean anyhow when it comes to sex and gender?
Transgender artist and educator and all around delightful person Rebecca Kling joins Jaclyn to answer a listener’s thorny question about how any of us know what it feels like to be a woman, what sexuality & gender ideas we wish there was better language [...]

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Bye Bye Ben’s Butt, and Other Pawnee-Related Matters: FWF Episode 54

::SNIFF:: Tonight we honorary Pawneeans say goodbye to the giant-hearted band of misfits we’ve come to know and love lo these seven seasons (ok, six if you skipped Season One) on Parks and Recreation. Join Jaclyn & Robin “Miss Conduct” Abrahams as they ease the pain as best as they can and trade their legs for [...]

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