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Sex Nerd Sandra: Fucking While Feminist Episode 50

We’re back! It was a longer-than-planned hiatus for sure. But let me make it up to you with the one and only Sex Nerd Sandra up close and personal! If she’s a shame-fighting superhero (and she is), this interview is her origin story. Then we help out a caller who meets Sandra’s definition of “creep.”
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The Bandana Project: Fucking While Feminist Episode 49

Today is the first day of 2014′s Bandana Project, an annual campaign aimed at addressing the issue of workplace sexual violence against migrant farmworker women in the United States. To celebrate, Jaclyn caught up with Bandana Project founder (and badass lawyer & activist) Mónica Ramírez to talk crisis, justice and hope, with a side of glitter. Then [...]

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WTF, RAINN: Fucking While Feminist Episode Episode 48

RAINN, one of the largest and best-funded organizations addressing sexual violence in the US, publicly advised the federal government that a) campus judicial systems are bunk, and the only answer to rape is the criminal justice system, b) there is no rape culture, and c) women should prevent rape by not carrying heavy things. Wagatwe [...]

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Playing the Whore: Fucking While Feminist Episode 46

What becomes possible and visible when we recognize sex work as “legitimate” labor, and what stops seeming reasonable? What stake to the police have in sex work? What about the media? Melissa Gira Grant, journalist and author of the new book Playing The Whore steps up to the mic to offer some thoughtful and provocative [...]

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Tales from a Sex Toy Shop: Fucking While Feminist Episode 47

What kind of vibrator should you buy? What’s the question a feminist sex shop proprietor wishes you would ask? And what makes a sex shop feminist, anyhow? All that and the blowjob/oral hygiene connection on this week’s podcast, recorded live at Early To Bed, Chicago’s feminist sex toy shop, where Jaclyn caught up with founder [...]

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Valentine’s, Weddings & the Romance-Industrial Complex: Fucking While Feminist Episode 45

Do you have FEELINGS about Valentine’s Day and/or the Romance-Industrial Complex? Jaclyn and special guest Samhita Mukhopadhyay (author of Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life and former executive editor of are here for you in this special V-Day episode featuring realtalk, coping mechanisms, cheese, karaoke, roses, chocolates, and the radical possibilities of [...]

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Kierra Johnson: Fucking While Feminist Episode 44

Facilitated cruising, repealing the Hyde Amendment, building mad coalitions and struggling to have a sex life while you’re fighting for sexual liberation: all this and more when Jaclyn catches up with Choice USA‘s badass executive director Kierra Johnson this week. Then we take an advice question from a girl who feels abused in retrospect.
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The Sex-Positive Parent: Fucking While Feminist Episode 43

How do you raise kids into healthy sexual beings when the sexual culture all around you is so toxic? This week, Airial Clark, The Sex-Positive Parent, is on hand to chat with Jaclyn about some practical best practices. Then we turn to teenagers: to let them get busy in the house, or to not let [...]

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#365FeministSelfie: Fucking While Feminist Episode 42

Are selfies empowering or unhealthy? That was the debate online this past fall, to which feminist blogger Veronica Arreola, of Viva La Feminista, responded with the #365 Feminist Selfie project. She joins Jaclyn to talk about the amazing responses to the project so far, as well as belly fat, duck lips, and the power of [...]

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Favianna Rodriguez: Fucking While Feminist Episode 41

Art! Slutty clothes! Intimacy! Machismo! Polyamory! Racism! Growing up sexual! Social change! Jaclyn talks about all of this and more with Favianna Rodruguez, transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer extraordinaire. And then we take a listener question about unsolicited dick pics and how to be an ally.
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Show notes:

It always comes back to [...]

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Bad Sex Stories with Heather Corinna: Fucking While Feminist Episode 40

WE’RE BACK. Sorry for the surprise hiatus — it was a surprise to me too! But it’s a new year now, and a great time to start talking about sex & feminism again.
To apologize for the absence (and to help ease all of us into 2014), I offer you this most delectable Very Special Episode [...]

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