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Cambridge Women’s Commission

Discussing What You Really Really Want as part of the Women & Words series. At City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor. With free refreshments from Rosie’s Bakery!

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Amherst College

Speaking on What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety.

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UMass Lowell

Speaking at “The F Word: How Feminism Fits” symposium. My talk will be called “The Cure for Sexualization is Sex.”

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Busboys & Poets

Join me for a talk & discussion on my new book, What You Really Really Want. At Busboys & Poets at 14th & V. Cosponsored by Sugar, DCRCC and Holla Back DC.

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Memorial University

Speaking on “Sane, Safe and Strong: Creating a Safe and Healthy Sexual Culture for your Community” at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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An Apology.

My recent column at GOOD* on Blue Ivy Carter has received some strong criticism, and rightly so. It erases the long, damaging history of white people (specifically white women) telling Black women the “right” ways to be sexual, as well as how to raise their children. Worse, it contributes to that dynamic. This was far from my intention in writing it, but intentions aren’t magic. I was wrong.

Obviously it would have been far better if I’d understood all of this from the get-go, and not written the column. The best I know how to do at this point is to offer my deep, sincere apology, commit to donating the fee I’ll receive for this column to SisterSong, and redouble my ongoing efforts to understand and undo racism, both within myself and beyond. These efforts take many shapes, but one specific approach I’ll be focusing more energy on is increasing my reading and listening to women of color who work on sexuality issues.

(*I’m publishing this here and in the comments at GOOD, but the piece will stay up as GOOD has no-retractions policy.)

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Halifax Book Release, Night 2

Join me to celebrate the release of What You Really Really Want at Venus Envy, 1598 Barrington Street, Halifax.

The second of two nights at Venus Envy, this evening will focus on how to improve your relationship with your sexuality (night one, on December 7, will focus on why developing a strong, healthy relationship with one’s own sexuality is one of the best ways to combat the damaging sexualization of the culture.)

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