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How do I approach my college about sexual assault awareness?

That’s the question a reader at the fab site Scarleteen asked, and I answered:

I know you say you expect resistance from the administration, and that’s not surprising. Very few college administrations are doing the right thing when it comes to stopping sexual violence on campus – this spring’s report by the Center for Public Integrity details just how negligent most schools are being. Still, it’s best to start by making a good faith effort to go through the proper channels, even if you have little hope it will work. This will accomplish two things: it will stake out the high ground for you, which puts you in a strong negotiating position if things get ugly. And it might surprise you by working, which would be great and save you and others a lot of time and effort.

What does “going through the proper channels” look like? It’s a little different on every campus…

Read the rest at Scarleteen.

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Liveblogging dinner with the International Women’s Commission

Tune in at 12:15PM EST today (Monday, Oct. 4) to join me for the Nobel Women’s Initiative’s dinner with the International Women’s Commission. Bring your lunch – we’ll eat together, and talk about how to build a cross-issue movement for peace in Israel & Palestine.

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Liveblogging from Nazareth!

I’ll be liveblogging our conversation with Palestinian & Israeli feminist peace activists in Nazareth at 9AM EST Saturday. Please tune in and participate! (And hang tight if we’re a little late – things can be changeable in our schedule. We’ll be here by 9:30 latest, I promise!)

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Greetings from Jerusalem!

I’m writing you from the trip of a lifetime! I’m in Israel and Palestine on a delegation organized by the Nobel Women’s Initiative, and led by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams. (It was also meant to be led by Laureate Mairead Maguire as well, but she’s been detained by the Israeli government.)

Our mission here is to meet with women activists for peace and justice on all sides of the conflict. We start today with a full day of orientation and briefings, and then head straight to Ramallah tomorrow. I’ll be reporting back via facebook and twitter, posts on NWI’s blog, and a travel diary to be published in installments at Feministing. We’re also hoping to liveblog a few of our meetings – stay tuned!

You can read my thoughts on being selected for this incredible mission here.

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Join me at the #SheParty

Hey all – I’m weighing in on the Jets harassment case, yesterday’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on rape, and whatever else comes up – all at the WMC‘s SheParty on Twitter this afternoon, 4-5PM Eastern. Follow me (@jaclynf) and the hashtag #sheparty to get in on the conversation. Plus, the fab Shira Tarrant will be joining in as well. Come chat with us!

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Got questions?

My new column at Amplify will answer them! Or, y’know, some of them, at least.

Seriously, I’m so excited to be re-booting my column at Amplify Your Voice, and one of the changes I’m most excited about is the chance to answer reader questions. Read about the revamp here. And as for those questions, you know you’ve got ’em, so send ’em on

By JaclynF

Get me out of here!

By which I mean: I love going on the road and talking with you in person about promoting healthy sexuality and reducing sexual violence. And I’m now working on my travel schedule for the Fall (though it’s also not too soon to talk Spring!). Want to bring me to your campus, conference or community? Click here for ideas, and please get in touch!

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